Baking soda is one of the most basic kitchen ingredients. However, the beauty benefits of this staple eclipse its uses in the kitchen. Now you absolutely don’t have to spend thousands to lay your hands on the best skin care products or even expose yourself to strident chemicals to attain your dream beauty. The best part

Whether it’s long or curly, short or straight, every girl envies smooth, glossy hair. The external layer of your mane has some natural oils that not only add sheen to your tresses but also retain the moisture so as to protect them from damage. When this layer is removed, the hair will appear dry, unkempt

Like any blank canvas, your face requires a primer product on the surface before adding colors. A primer not only keeps the makeup longer, but cover up large pores, wrinkles and absorb excess oil. Using a primer may seem like an extra step in your makeup routine, but it’s crucial if you want your makeup

2015 was all about variety in makeup styles. Strobing hits, chocolate chip cookie hair craze and aesthetically perfect manicures ruled the runways last year. 2016, so far, seems to promise an electrifying roller-coaster ride of fashion and style. Makeup is, and will forever be, an approach a woman employs to express herself. However, it demands