Cover Acne, Blemishes and Dark Circles With Makeup

Blemishes are caused by pimples and blocked pores. We often smear too much foundation/concealer on blemishes and pimples that our face feels like cracking. To get flawless skin, the first thing is choosing the right type of concealer or foundation for your skin. The tone of product is also important as only the right tone can cover problem areas.
cover acne,blemishes and dark circles with make up

Liquid foundations don’t offer full coverage. Choose medium cream stick foundation to cover up acne and blemishes. The shade should match your skin tone. Always test foundation on your face before you buy.

Apply it on the side of your face, blend it well and the right shade will disappear into your skin. You can apply foundation with a brush or directly apply stick foundation on the blemish.

Set the foundation with a loose powder using a puff or powder brush. If the blemishes still appear, you can repeat the same process. Make sure you don’t over do the foundation or multiple layers of foundation will have a thick cake effect.

Concealer is a creamier foundation designed to cover specific parts of the face such as dark circles and around the nose. To cover dark circles, choose a shade of concealer that is two tones lighter than your skin tone.

cover blemishes, acne and dark circles with make up

For extremely dark circles, use a peach-pink concealer then apply yellow toned concealer on top. Concealers that are lighter than skin tone are great for covering dark circles but not blemishes as it can make them more visible. Apply your concealer before foundation.

Use your ring finger to gently blend concealer under the eyes. Try to apply as little pressure as possible because the under eye area is very sensitive.

Brush loose powder on top of concealer to prevent it from creasing. The area under your eyes should look as much natural as possible, try not to apply thick layers of foundation as it can make your skin look blotchy. Purple and green shades of concealer don’t look natural therefore choose shades that are lighter than the skin.

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  2. i need help to cover my acne! please!!!! im a 13 year old girl and i get picked on because of my acne- all my friends have PERFECT skin!
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