Makeup is so much fun to experiment with. You can highlight your features or cover them up. When you start wearing makeup, you learn which features of your face needs to be highlighted or contoured.  The first thing you learn is which mistakes you’re making and avoid them. Your eye makeup can tell a lot

Gel nail polish stays longer than traditional polish but for removing it you have to get it done professionally from the salon. Some women like to have their nail polish removed when it starts chipping, as it doesn’t look neat. Here is an easy tip for removing gel nail polish at home:

Hair bun is the perfect solution for a bad hair day. The fun thing about hair buns is that you can dress it up for formal occasions or keep it simple for everyday wear. It’s an easy and versatile hairstyle for every occasion. This inverted braid bun is slightly different from a normal bun. Because

There are days when you don’t want to wear makeup at all and then there are days when you want your makeup to look effortless and natural. The barely there makeup look is great when you don’t want to put on much makeup yet look like a natural beauty. To be fair, this look is