Simple Inverted Braid Bun

Hair bun is the perfect solution for a bad hair day. The fun thing about hair buns is that you can dress it up for formal occasions or keep it simple for everyday wear. It’s an easy and versatile hairstyle for every occasion. This inverted braid bun is slightly different from a normal bun. Because you’re going to braid your hair, it has more texture to it.

quick simple hairstyle tutorialImage via Pinterest

Here is the step by step guide for creating a simple inverted braid bun:

  • Gather all your hair and tie it in a ponytail. You can keep your ponytail as high or as low you want.
  • Create a loop above you hair tie, take your ponytail and flip it inside the loop. Make sure all your hair is out on the other side through the loop.
  • Next, braid your hair like a normal three strand braid. Secure the braid with a clear elastic band. If you want your bun to appear thick, slightly pull hair outwards from your braid.
  • Again, tuck your braid inside the loop but this time do not pull the braid on the other side. Gather your braid like a hair bun in the loop and pin with bobby pins. Use enough pins to hold the bun in place.  You can add flowers on your bun if you like.

Good Luck!