We love seeing the new trends that each New Year brings about. Along with the 2016 pantone colors, spring fashion runways and hot new makeup trends, we are taking a glimpse at what is trending in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery in 2016. Minimally invasive and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments will continue to increase. Minimally invasive cosmetic

These DIY products are perfect if you’ve decided to go natural and use less harmful chemicals or to give yourself a break. You can easily make it with inexpensive natural ingredients. These are ideal to make for yourself or gift someone. Here are 7 DIY products to stop buying and start making your own:

All makeup wearers need a makeup setting spray at some point. You may not think it’s important but once you start using, it becomes a staple. Making your own spray from natural and healing ingredients can cost only a small amount of the price you pay for make up setting¬†sprays. This spray will help your