Homemade Leave in Hair Conditioner and Detangling Spray

Do you get dry and tangled hair after shower? A simple natural solution to this problem is to use a leave in conditioner or a detangling spray. Store bought products contain a huge range of chemicals including silicones which makes your hair soft but damages your hair when used for a long time. In this post, we’ll tell you some easy homemade all natural leave in conditioners which also work as a detangler. These natural ingredients are guaranteed to repair damage and manage dry hair with frequent use.

Homemade Leave in Hair Conditioner and DIY Detangling Spray

Here’s how to make easy homemade leave in hair conditioner and detangling spray:

Recipe #1:

Coconut oil ( Melt solids in the microwave)

Distilled water

A spray bottle

Your favorite Essential oil for fragrance

Vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel ( optional)

Take your spray bottle and fill it with one cup of distilled water. Add two tablespoons of coconut oil, a few drop of your favourite essential oil and vitamin E oil/aloe vera gel and cover the lid. Shake the spray bottle well until all the ingredients are well combined. Your leave in conditioner/ detangler is ready to use. Spray it on your wet hair and use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

Recipe #2:

This recipe requires a conditioner to make a leave in conditioner.

Natural Conditioner ( like the TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner, Aloe Vera and Avocado or L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System Intense Smoothing Conditioner

Spray Bottle

Distilled or Filtered water

Take your spray bottle and fill it up with distilled water, leaving 1/4th of the bottle empty.Next, Add in about 2 Tbsp of your conditioner. Finally, shake it well and use it on your damp hair.

Good Luck!