Homemade Nourishing Mask and Scrub

Scrubbing is necessary, be it for men or women. It is necessary to get rid of dead skin on your face, which makes the face dull. What’s better to pamper your skin at home with organic and hygienic homemade products. Remember, one should scrub the face once or twice weekly, not more than that.  Also gently scrub your face as your facial skin is super sensitive.

Here’s how to make this nourishing mask and scrub:

Things you need

  1. Oatmeal (grounded/crushed)
  2. Milk – depends on how much mask you are making
  3. Vitamin E oil – a few drops
  4. Rose water – depends on how much mask you are making
  5. Honey


Mix all the ingredients according to the amount of mixture you are making. For personal use, and only for the face; take 1 tbsp oatmeal. It is soft and can be crushed with the fingers too. If you want, you can grind for a second in the grinder. In that, add a tsp of honey, a few drops of vitamin e oil, a tsp of milk and a tsp of rose water. See the consistency of the mixture. If it needs moisture, add a little more milk or rose water. Make it into a paste. Apply the paste/scrub/mixture evenly all over the face and neck. When it is done, massage very lightly in a round circular motion with your fingers for a minute. Spread evenly again after the massage. Leave it on the face for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Keep rose water handy ALWAYS in a spray bottle. After 20-30 minutes, when you plan to take it off you will notice it has dried, but not too much since it has Vitamin E oil and Honey. Spritz rose water on your face, over the mask/mixture. Again, scrub/massage your face for a minute before taking it off. Wash it off with normal temperature tap water, and finish off with a splash of cold water. Use tissue paper and pat on the face. Spritz some rose water and tada, YOU ARE DONE!

Feel the skin after this mask and scrub, and you will notice glowy and nourished skin, almost baby like.

Disclaimer: Try this scrub after doing a patch test on your upper arm before trying out on your face. Even though it has all natural products, testing is a must prior to using ANY product.


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