Is Eye Cream Really Necessary?

Looking for a quality eye cream? Wonder if you really need one? According to beauty experts, any woman in her 20s should consider using eye cream. This product prevents collagen damage and keeps the sensitive skin around the eyes moisturized while slowing down aging. Compared to face creams and serums, eye creams are lighter and have special ingredients that erase dark circles and puffiness. Some contain caffeine for a more refreshed look.

Is Eye Cream Worth the Price?

Many women use the same cream on their face and eyelids to cut costs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The average person blinks about 10,000 times a day, so the eyelids are constantly active. This is why the eye area is the first to lose firmness and elasticity. Additionally, collagen decreases as you age. Poor nutrition, lack of stress, smoking, stress, and certain health conditions may cause a drop in collagen production too.

A quality eye cream, preferably one containing caffeine, will strengthen the blood vessels in your eyelids and reduce puffiness. Some formulas are made with peptides and antioxidants that fight oxidative stress, boost collagen levels, and restore skin’s elasticity. Others contain ingredients that cover dark circles and erase the signs of tiredness. Considering these benefits, eye cream is definitely worth the price!

How to Choose the Best Eye Cream

Ideally, choose an organic eye cream that’s specially formulated for sensitive skin. Look for one with skin-restoring ingredients and antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and phytonutrients. Fragrance free formulas work for most skin types and are less likely to cause allergies.

Researchers claim that no woman is too young for eye cream. The problems affecting this area, such as swelling, flakiness, and dryness, can happen at 18 and at 50. If the skin around your eyes is dry, choose a deeply moisturizing cream. Women who are prone to acne and oily skin should opt for an eye cream with exfoliating ingredients. To erase fine lines, use a formula that stimulates collagen production. Always apply eye cream before putting anything else on your face.


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