Sneak Peek into Andrea’s Beau Fall 2012 Collection

Ladies here is a little sneak peek into some of our favorite pieces from our Fall 2012 collection! Style your hair this fall without damaging it, by adding a touch of glam and fun to your mane and we guarantee heads will turn Our lovely model Elizabeth showcases them beautifully with a side braid, or an elegant chignon, but you can wear them your own way by adding your personal style to these beautiful hair pieces!.Starting with the Sabella Headband, Neona Headband, Farrah headband, and Velma Salon Clip. As you can see this collection is feminine, fun, full of fall’s colors and studs, all in order to make your hair shine this Fall 2012, and guaranteed heads will turn! Stay tuned for the full collection.

Cara Soft Headband
Sabella Headband
Neona Headband

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