DIY Makeup Primers

Like any blank canvas, your face requires a primer product on the surface before adding colors. A primer not only keeps the makeup longer, but cover up large pores, wrinkles and absorb excess oil. Using a primer may seem like an extra step in your makeup routine, but it’s crucial if you want your makeup to stay fresh for longer and look best.

Most of the primers contain silicone which smooths the skin and makes a barrier between your skin and foundation. In DIY makeup primers, glycerine or aloe vera gel is used which makes the skin tacky for makeup. The best thing is that you make this primer by mixing products that you already have in your makeup bag. This way you’re only using products that work for you. Follow these methods to make your own primer at home:

diy makeup primer

Recipe #1:

  • Aloe Vera gel, use pre-packaged
  • Moisturizer
  • Your favourite foundation for tint (optional)
  • Face Powder (optional, for matte effect)
  • Witch hazel (optional, for acne prone skin
  • Empty container for storage/ washed old cream jar

Mix 1 tbsp moisturizer , 1 tbsp aloe vera gel, 1/4th tbsp foundation, few drop of witch hazel and a pinch of powder. With powder, you can control how matte or dewy you want the primer to be. Mix everything with the back of a spoon and store in an air tight container.

diy makeup primer1 Recipe #2:

  • 1 part glycerine and 3 parts water

Combine glycerine and water in a small spray bottle. Shake well and spray on your face before applying makeup.

  • Another easy way to instantly prime your face is by mixing a few drops of glycerine in your moisturizer. This will leave your face a bit tacky, making it perfect to put on makeup.

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