DIY Pore Strips

Blackheads are annoying because they keep coming back. You can completely get rid of blackheads but you can’t keep them away for longer. Exfoliation alone is not enough to keep blackheads away. Pore strips are great to pluck blackheads from the root. You can choose from a huge variety of pore strips available at stores. Store bought strips comes in limited shape and size. DIY pore strips can be applied anywhere on the face.

blackhead pore strip

To make your own blackhead removing pore strips at home you’ll need:

1 tbsp unflavoured gelatine
3 tbsp hot water or 1 tbsp hot milk

Take a small bowl, mix everything until it creates a honey like consistency. If it’s too thick add more milk or water, if its runny add more gelatine. You can directly apply it on your nose or any areas of blackheads on your face with a brush. If you want, apply the mixture on a translucent paper to create something like store bought strip. Stick your homemade pore strip on blackheads. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes until dry. When it’s completely dry peel off slowly.

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4 comments on “DIY Pore Strips

  1. this didn’t remove a single black head

  2. I have used this method before but without the translucent paper. The mix i used however was slightly different it was a 1:1:1 mix of milk, hot water and gelatin and i painted it thickly onto my nose and the most important part is to leave it until it has become completely rigid before peeling it off, if it’s not rigid it won’t work it has to have no flexibility at all. once it is dried rigid peel it off and it will remove almost all your black heads not to mention if you add another teaspoon of hot water to it it will be usable again to try to remove the rest of the more stubborn blackheads. make sure to wash your face first and apply a hot towel to open your pores this will help remove the blackheads better but it can be done without. it works really well for me and i have bad blackheads, just remember wash your face in cold water after to close the pores and moisturize so you don’t end up getting a breakout of small pimples all over your nose afterwards.

  3. what happens if you use flavored gelatin?

  4. it smells horried But works okay ish

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