Want long hair without waiting years for it to grow? Well, hair extensions is the one and only answer to your problem. These are also great to add volume, bounce and color to natural hair. It takes hours to go from short to long hair and you can wear them for months.

Blemishes are caused by pimples and blocked pores. We often smear too much foundation/concealer on blemishes and pimples that our face feels like cracking. To get flawless skin, the first thing is choosing the right type of concealer or foundation for your skin. The tone of product is also important as only the right tone

Braids are everywhere, from streets to red carpets. Whether its fishtail ,french or a simple braid, all the celebrities are wearing it in their own way. From elegant to super edgy variations contribute to the popularity of Braids. Braids are super easy and has always been an important part in styling since ancient times. Braided hair styles

Blackheads appear due to the oil and sebum blocked in skin pores. The excess secretion of oil expands and thickens the pores resulting in blackheads. Blackheads commonly appear on chin, around nostrils and forehead. Improper cleansing cause the dead cells and bacteria to sink deep into pores. If blackheads are not removed they might cause

Are you bored with the same old dark hair color and want to add some glow to it, then the easiest way to spice up your hair is to color it. Hair color trends are always changing and it could be tricky to pick out the right shade for your hair. You can either add

The key to perfect makeup is choosing the right foundation for your skin tone and type. Without the right base nothing will look fresh and your whole makeup will be ruined no matter how much you blend or shade. Remember, always test before your buy. You can choose foundation according to your skin type and tone.  

A healthy lifestyle and skin care routine reflects on your skin. You should keep your skin clean to avoid problems such as pimples and blackheads. Beautiful soft, smooth and glowing skin doesn’t come with expensive products or salon treatments. It only requires a little effort and few products.

French manicure makes your hands look neat and presentable. To get French manicure we all go to salons and get perfect manicured hands because we all think its hard to get that perfection. With a little effort, it could be easily done at home.

Split ends means your hair is not getting enough nourishment and lacks moisture. Harsh shampoos, sun exposure , blow drying, straightening, dyes and bleaches dry out the hair and damages the amino acids in your hair. Dry and damaged hair breaks easily while styling or brushing. If you think your hair is not growing fast

Everyone gets under eye dark circles at some point in their life. Even if its temporary, they make the face look old and unhealthy. There are many creams, treatments and make up available to make the dark circles unnoticeable or fade them completely. Not all these products work and have many side effects since the skin under the eye