Eyebrows are an important feature of your face which works like a frame for your eyes. The way you shape your brows lifts your eyes, make them appear bigger or smaller and narrow or widen your face. For shaping your brows, you can choose from waxing, threading or tweezing/plucking. Always guide your natural shape and never

Along with your own hygiene it’s very important to keep tools of daily use clean as well. Your hair brush is a trap of germs, dust, conditioner, old hair and oils. It may not seem like a big deal but clean brushes help the way you style you hair and keep your hair fluff free. You

Healthy teeth not only make you confident but it also makes you look beautiful and young. It can make a huge difference to your overall appearance. With your diet and age  your teeth enamel gets thinner and more transparent making the inner layer appear darker. You should limit the amount of sweets and drinks that

Sugar scrubs are so easy to make and yummy because they contain edible ingredients. During winter, exfoliation is very important to get rid of dry flaky skin. The best thing about making your own scrubs is that its affordable and your can package it beautifully. A perfect teachers day, mothers day and holiday gift as well. Use

A Split end is when hair becomes dry or damaged, the hair shaft splits at the end. Once you have split ends, the only way to get rid of it is to get your hair trimmed. However, you can prevent split ends by taking good care of your hair.