Whether you are a person who loves to wake up early in the morning, make a hearty breakfast, and read the headlines or fall under the category of those who simply hit snooze several times; everyone wants to get ready in a more efficient and quicker manner. Here we have gathered some amazing time-saving tips

Looking for the best beauty products money can buy? Want to take care of your skin without using harsh chemicals? If so, choose a brand you can trust. Beauty products come in all shapes and sizes, and many are labeled as “organic” or “natural.” Unfortunately, only a few live up to their claims. Some contain

Every girl wants to look amazing from the moment she wakes up. The problem is that sometimes you simply lack the time and energy needed for a complete beauty routine. Things are even worse when you’re having a bad hair day or when you suffer from acne. Here are 10 beauty hacks every girl should

Henna, commonly called Mehandi, is a hair dying natural compound that has been used by women for centuries. Unlike commercially available hair colors and dyes, henna is the best natural hair remedy that can be used for coloring as well as maintaining the hair health. Apart from giving your mane that vibrant red tint, henna

Have you always wished for those incredibly long Cinderella eyes? All it takes to pull off any perfect eye-makeup is long, voluminous lashes. And frankly, the flirtatious, playful and deeply seductive eyes cannot be complete without those voluminously luscious and sooty lashes to outline your eyes. Indeed, eyes are the most commanding and captivating feature of any