Makeup Trends to Ditch in 2017

All trends enjoy their moment of fame. But when they have been overdone and become monotonous, they fade away, only to be revived again. In 2017, we are finally, and thankfully, going to bid farewell to some trends that have been repeated, over and over again, for too long. For instance, highlighting your nose and cheekbones to shine like a lighthouse at night, and beauty trends like heavy contouring and baking that only look good in pictures and videos, but actually make your face look caked up. After all, your beauty routine deserves a new agenda and inspiration, and a New Year deserves a New Look!

fake faux freckes trend

image: makeupmuseum

  • Fake Freckles that look horribly unnatural.
shiny makeup trend highlighting

image: viraldaily

  • Overdoing the Nose highlighter and turning your nose into a lamp.
long fake eyelash extensions

image: cherrymagenta

  • Massively fluttery, wing-like false eyelashes.
grunge makeup look
  • Say goodbye to grunge.
smokey eye makeup look

image: makeuppix

  • Smoky eyes looking scarier rather than sexy.
kylie jenner before and after lip plumping injection job
  • Expensive lip injections to get pouty plush lips unnaturally.
kelly osbourne makeup look red carpet fail

image: womansday

  • Unrealistic foundation and color choices to look unlike your own race.
makeup dupes blusher products

image: delicatehummingbird.blogspot

  • Stocking up 20 shades of the same color- Seek some variety!
diy beauty fail try or not to try

image: styleblazer

  • DIY Beauty tricks that are seriously not worth the trouble.
ear makeup trend

image: Hollywire

  • Adding your ears to your makeup routine.
extreme face contouring and highlight makeup look
  • Lathering your face with a contouring kit.
glitter horrible eye makeup trend
  • Excessive use of sparkle, bling bling, and glitter.
thicker unnatural fake makeup eyebrows

image: pinkycloud

  • Drawing unnatural eyebrows that are twice the size of your actual ones.
how to fake a lip job thick lips with makeup kylie jenner lips

image: womenkingdom

  • Over-lining lips in pathetic attempts to make them appear pouty and more plump! That Kylie lip challenge is so over girlies!
red carpet celebrity makeup fail face baking
  • Excessive baking that looks hot in pictures and laughably fake in reality.
full body boob contour and highlight
  • Spending hours and hours to contour your entire body before you hit the streets.
fake long unnatural eyelash extension fail
  • Eyelashes extensions that take fake to a whole new level.


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