Spring Cleaning Tips!

The temperature is rising, flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. Its spring time! What a better way to feel the start of season with organizing and cleaning your beauty stuff and closet

Here are some easy spring cleaning tips for your beauty products and closet:


Makeup Bag

  • How often you have to empty out your whole makeup bag to find a product or all your products are covered in powder? It’s definitely time to take out everything and get cleaning. Wash your makeup bag if its washable. You could use a cleaning antibacterial wipe to wipe off inside the bag and all the products as well.
  • It’s good to wipe everything every once in a while to prevent bacteria from breeding in your makeup bag. Throw away old and expired makeup.
  • Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes as well. Use baby shampoo to give your brushes a good cleaning. (also see How to Clean Make up brushes).
  • Choose a bag according to your needs. One that’s easy to clean and fits well in your purse/handbag.
  • With the increasing heat, put away dark winter shades of makeup. Its time to get light and fresh colors for spring and summer.

Organize Your Closet

  • It’s time to put away your sweaters and coats. First of all, take out clothes you don’t need. Any piece of clothing you haven’t worn in the past 12 months shows that you don’t need it in your closet. Give them to charity.
  • Arrange clothes in an order you wear in the morning. Keep your most used items in sight. Put out of season clothes in a box and store them on top shelves.
  • Organizing your closest will help you get ready in time. Also, you’ll wear your clothes more often.
  • Make a habit to put stuff back from where you took it. We all push our clothes in the closet and that’s when things start to get messy.
  • Use clear bins and shoe boxes to store stuff like tank tops and other accessories.

Bathroom Counter/Medicine Cabinet

  • Most of us have so many products as if they are on display in a store. Don’t we all have those products waiting to be used on our counter/cabinet. The rows of products keep on increasing. If you haven’t used any product in a year, most probably you don’t need the product for the next one year. So just toss it away.
  • What’s the point to clutter your counter with expired products. The longer they stay unused, the more ineffective they get. All the chemical or natural products come with a shelf life. ( also see Do Make up and Beauty Products Have Expiration Dates? )
  • Also, if you’ve dipped your finger in a product, bacteria will grow in it. After you’ve thrown old products, it’s time to restock but before that use up your current favorite products.

What are your tips and tricks for spring cleaning?


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