Why Are Women Shaving Their Faces?

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More and more women are shaving their faces. This growing trend is rapidly spreading worldwide. Famous Hollywood divas like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were doing it too, and had amazing skin because of it. Should women shave their faces? What are the benefits and risks? Let’s find out!

Should Women Shave Their Face?

Known as dermaplaning, this new trend involves using a facial razor to exfoliate the skin. According to dermatologists, it helps remove dead skin cells and vellus hairs, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. This habit also keeps your pores from clogging, which may prevent acne and white heads. Shaving also promotes cell regeneration, making the skin look younger.

Contrary to popular belief, facial hair won’t grow thicker and darker after shaving. This is just a myth. However, some experts claim that ladies shouldn’t shave their faces unless they have unwanted facial hair. Additionally, shaving may cause ingrown hairs in women with medium to dark skin.

An interesting aspect is that Japanese women have been shaving their faces for decades. Most stores in Japan offer micro pink razors that are specially designed for them. Yet, this beauty trick is surrounded by controversy. Many health experts say that shaving causes inflammation and skin sensitivity, leaving your complexion thin and papery. Over time, it may lead to skin damage and premature aging.

How to Shave Your Face?

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Be aware that facial shaving for women is not as simple as picking up a razor and using it on your skin. Ladies are advised to use special facial razors along with a shaving cream. Currently, several companies offer mini-facial razors designed for women.

Apply shaving cream on your face and then shave in the direction your hair is growing. When you’re done, rinse your skin and apply moisturizer. Ideally, choose a cream that’s rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Rub your razor with alcohol after each use.

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  1. You got me curious on why does shaved hair grows back in first place and mostly doesn’t grow until it gets cut or shaved :). Then one shaves and most of the hair is growing back.

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