Geek is the new chic! Glasses are not a geeky thing from the past anymore. People are a lot more confident in wearing frames that are stylish and sexier. Figuring out make up with eye glasses can be quite tricky. Eye glass frames draw attention to your eyes so you want to keep your eye

Be it summer or winter, be it facial skin or lips; dead skin MUST be removed prior to applying any makeup (if you want flawless result). Dead skin on the facial skin, body and lips can make the layer of the skin dry and uneven, resulting in unsmooth application of any product applied over it.

After¬†prepping the skin, starts the steps to achieve flawless foundation which is important to follow too. A lot of women follow the wrong steps, and that’s the reason they either tend to apply a lot of product or too less. Sometimes, they apply, but it disappears while following the other steps.

Foundation application is the key to the entire makeup. If the canvas on which you are going to work on is smooth and supple, it is easier to work on it. Most women always have the query of foundation looking patchy, dry, flaky and gray – the reason is the same. When the skin is