Are Bikini Tan Lines Attractive?

Sexy tan lines

So, you wore your sexiest bikini to the pool or beach, which made you look great at the time, but now you want to wear something different and uh oh.. the bikini tan lines are visible! Now you may be wondering: Are those tan lines sexy or should I hide them?

While some people may say tan lines are not attractive, a lot of men actually do find tan lines to be very sexy! They can also be a great way to catch the eye and get more people looking at you, similar to what a visible tattoo can do. So, let’s not panic about our tan lines and maybe even embrace them?

Why some men think tan lines are attractive on a woman

Heterosexual men are naturally very attracted to the female body, especially the areas that are normally covered up by those pesky clothes. So when they see a tan line, they may start thinking about how they can now see that part of the body that was previously forbidden to see the light of day. This can trigger their sexual attraction for you!

Are tan lines sexy?

It’s not the only reason though, good tan lines can create a pleasant contrast to the more mundane alternative, which can create visual beauty and increase attraction from the opposite sex. You have to be careful though, since a bad tan line can have the opposite effect and may just end up looking weird.

Having tan lines also makes it clear that you have been outdoors, while probably getting some exercise in the process. This can be a healthy signal to send out (even though being in the sun long enough to cause tanning actually isn’t healthy), since people are usually more attracted to healthy people that keep in shape.

So, are tan lines okay?

Yes! It’s perfectly okay to have tan lines, and not only for the beauty reasons mentioned above, but also because it means the untanned skin was protected from the damaging UV rays that caused the exposed skin to become tan. Tanning is actually the result of melanogenesis, which is a defense mechanism our body initiates in an effort to protect the skin from damaging UV light. This produces the pigment melanin in the skin, causing the darker tan color.

So while it’s okay to have tan lines, it does mean you are exposing parts of the skin to damaging conditions and you should be careful not to overdo it. The good news though, is that the tan skin becomes more protected from further damage than the untanned skin is. But, this also means showing tan lines while outdoors is exposing the untanned skin to UV rays that it won’t be as prepared to handle as well as the tanned skin can, which may make it easier to burn those areas and increase the risks of skin cancer caused by UV radiation.

How long does a tan line last?

It varies depending on many factors, such as natural skin color, skin type, and the amount of tanning that was done on the tan part of the skin. But in general, tan lines will last for about 1 to 1.5 weeks.

How can I hide tan lines?

Woman with sexy tan lines

Not everyone finds tan lines attractive, and many people may want to hide them once they have them. It’s best if you can avoid getting a visible tan line in the first place instead of trying to hide it later, by doing things such as wearing sunscreen, shifting your clothes to different positions while in the sun, or not being in the sun long enough to tan. But, if it’s too late for that, here are some ways to hide them:

Exfoliate the tanned skin

If the tan line is new, then this probably won’t help much, but exfoliating the skin can remove the top layer of skin and reveal fresher skin beneath it, which may not be as tan.

Use a self-tanner

Applying a self-tanning cream or gel to the untanned area can be a fairly quick solution to hiding a tan line. However, it may be difficult to match the tanned skin perfectly, and you also have to be careful not to apply any to the tanned skin, which would make it even darker.

Use body makeup

This is probably the fastest and most reliable way to hide a tan line, since you can grab a foundation or bronzer that matches the tanned skin and apply it to the untanned skin for immediate results.

Try other clothes

If your current outfit is showing your tan lines, then maybe you can just change to a different shirt or dress that does a better job of covering the tan line?


While some people may not think bikini tan lines are sexy and will try to hide them, many do find them to be very sexy! So, as long as precautions are taken to minimize any skin damage, it’s okay to have tan lines and they may even increase your sexual attraction. But if you want to hide them, that’s okay too.

Let us know in the comments below if you think tan lines are sexy or not!


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