Grow Healthy and Strong Nails

Healthy nails are sign of good over all health. Our nails are made up of protein called Keratin. Dry, weak and brittle nails are sign of any internal deficiencies. The colour of your nails also indicates you internal health. That’s why taking good care of your health is important along with your body care. Also, your hands  give an overview of your personality. Therefore you should take good care of your nails.

grow beautiful strong nails

Trim regularly and shape your nails. For neat looking nails, cut your nail straight across and file sharp edges. Always file them in one direction to prevent cracks. Its better to trim your nails when they are softer such as after shower. Push the cuticle back and never cut your cuticles as they prevent your skin from bacteria and infections.

Keep your nails moisturized. Apply a lotion, castor oil or rub some petroleum jelly on your cuticles before you go to bed or after washing your hands. Garlic makes your nails strong and promotes growth. Take a garlic clove and slice it. Rub the slice on your nails. Let the juices get absorbed. You can keep it longer but if you don’t like the smell wash it once the garlic juice has dried. Similarly, lemon juices can also be used to make your nails healthy.

Avoid wearing nail polish for a long time as it can make your nails dull and yellow. Remove nails polish after 10 days and apply fresh coat. Give your nails a break from wearing colour polish. If you don’t like bare nails then you can apply a coat of clear nail polish.

Apply nail hardener or nail polish that’s especially formulated to make nails stronger. Try Sally Hansen products as they work well to make your nails stronger.

Image Source: Google Images