Hairstyles For Summer

Most of the hair trends this year are a revival of hairstyles of the 70’s and 80’s. Hair trends come and go but your personal style matters the most. Choose hairstyles that are according to your hair type ( fine, thick, straight or wavy ) and suits your personality. There is a unique tone of modernism to the most iconic styles of 20th century, infuse them with modern twist and you will find most of the dominant hairstyles of 2011.hairstyles for summer 2011

Here are some hairstyles for summer :

Fishtail Braid

messy fish tail braid

Braids are super easy and fun to do. Messy fishtail braid looks chic and cool. For a messy fishtail braid, spray your hair with a texturizing spray. Section your hair into two, right and left, start by taking a strand from left and cross it over to the middle of right section. Now do the same for the right side by taking outside hair from either section and crossing it over to the middle of other section. Once the braid is done, secure it with a elastic band. Finally use a light spray to hold the look. Don’t worry if the braid is loose because it gives you a modern look.

Wet and natural

wet and natural hair

This is an imperfect look but works great for everyday. When you are running late for work or anywhere else and have no time to blow dry each part of your hair, just scrunch your wet hair in mousse. This creates cool messy-glossy strands, just like you are surfing.


emma watson pixie look

The pixie cut is not a new hairstyles for the year. It is a very bold hair style that highlights the structure and features of the face. For its styling, use a cream or spray on dry or wet hair to give texture to the cut. For a sleek stylish look, do a side part. The pixie crop remains for those with either straight hair or thin hair. One of the most influenced celebrity with cropped style is Emma Watson.

Side braided bun

side braid bun

What could me more cool than the side braids with bun. It is a great style to keep hair off your face and neatly in a bun. Also, the side braid creates a frame across the face. To get this look first loosely blow dry your hair then make two sections from the front. Take one inch section of hair from either side and criss cross underneath the back. Add hair to the section as you go down.take two bobby pins to secure behind your hair. Repeat the same on the other side. Tie the remaining back hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

High Ponytail

high pony tail

This classic summer look works well on all hair types and looks perfect for hot weather. If you have fine and straight hair then a high pony like this be perfect to create a sleek and silky high pony tail. After blow drying apply heat serum to your hair and flat iron hair into sections. Spray a shine spray on hair brush and gather hair into a pony tail, use a hair tie to secure the look.


wavy hair

There’s a new kick to waves this summer. Create modern waves by applying heat serum and mousse to wet hair and blow dry with a round brush. Curl the hair around face with one inch curling iron. Take some hair smoothing cream and turn your head upside down to rub it into the hair, it also hold the waves and create shine. Finally, finish the look with hairspray.