How to Always Look Put Together and Have Great Hair, Skin, and Outfit

A woman who looks put together creates a lasting impression on people. This look depicts class and quality. Dressing up well may result in an improvement of self-esteem and success on the chosen career.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have a closet filled with expensive clothing and makeup. With a little dash of effort and creativity, you can always ace the put together look.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you could achieve and flaunt that look:


Pay attention to your skin and nails

Female hands applying hand cream

If you have been keen on taking care of your skin and nails, then you have successfully created a beautiful canvas for makeup and polish. Plus, it also rewards you with a more beautiful look even when it’s bare. Always consider applying moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. For your nails, colored polish isn’t always necessary; rather shape and file them then coat them with a cuticle cream for added health.


Take some time to take care of your hair

Megan Lewis windy hair

Messy hair is not a description of a put together look. Make sure that you do your hair before going along with your daily tasks. Styling and drying out your hair may take a lot of time. Therefore, if you are a busy person, dry shampoo can save the day. It is effective in keeping your hair smelling and feeling fresh. Also, you can opt for an easy and quick hairstyle like an updated ponytail or bun.


Neutral colors are your best friends

Pete Bellis neutral clothes

Quality pieces such as shoes, blazers, sweaters, and blouses can give you a hand in looking put every day without requiring much effort. You would want to invest in neutral hues like black, gray, camel, and navy since they can be easily paired with anything. They also serve as a great base if you want an extra emphasis on color.


Always pay extra attention to the fit

Woman with fitted clothes

An outfit can be determined by the fit. Finding the right fit may be difficult since a lot of stores vary in sizes. The best thing to do is to ignore your clothing size and instead try something that will fit your biggest part. Then, have the other parts altered accordingly.


Choose dark wash jeans

Bracelets and casual clothes

Always have pieces of dark wash jeans in your closet. Dark wash jeans can give a chic and more polished look compared to light washed ones. Skinny jeans or slim-legged cut can provide the trick in creating a modern look, plus they can be paired with any type of shoes you have.


Style and be creative

Pete Bellis clothing style

To finish off your put together look, you can always add some flare like accessories and other creative techniques. Rolling or scrunching the sleeves and cuffing the jeans can change a dull outfit into a more noticeable one.

These are six of the most basic tricks you might want to consider when going for a put together look. You don’t need to spend much money and effort to come up with the look that is perfect for you. You just have to maintain a healthy skin, nails, and hair to make styling effortless.


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