Beauty Tips using Vaseline


Vaseline, commonly known as petroleum jelly is a multipurpose cheap product. There are a zillion uses for it and half of its uses are beauty related. Here are some beauty tips using Vaseline.
Beauty Tips using Vaseline

Make your Eyelashes long and thick:

Apply it to your eyelashes, it is known to make your lashes grow longer and thicker.

Soft Feet:

For softer feet, apply Vaseline on your feet and cover with socks and wake up in the morning with soft feet.

Make your own cream blusher:

Make a cream blusher by mixing lipstick with Vaseline and apply it on your cheeks for a glow.

Soft Cuticles:

Use Vaseline to make your nail cuticles soft.

Tame Eyebrows.

Use Vaseline to tame eyebrows and bring it in a shape.

Lip Gloss:

Put Vaseline on your chapped lips or use it as a lip gloss. Melt Vaseline in the microwave and add some peppermint essence to make your own flavored lip gloss.

Prevent lipstick to stick your teeth:

Apply on teeth before applying lip stick to prevent any color to stick on your teeth.

Soft elbows and knees:

If you have dry elbows and knees, applying Vaseline daily can make them soft.

Make up remover:

Use it to remove mascara, lipstick, eyeliners and powder.

Protection against chemicals:

Use it around the hair line to protect against harmful hair dyeing, perming and straighteining chemicals.

Hide split ends:

Use it on hair ends to hide dry hair and split ends.

Lip Exfoliant:

Apply it your lips then scrub with a toothbrush.

Waterproof Eyelashes:

Define eyelashes and make them look glossy and waterproof.

Remove eyelash glue:

Remove false eyelash glue from lash line.

Body moisturizer:

Apply Vaseline all over your body, while your body is still damp after bath. It will leave your body soft and smooth.

Homemade Scrub:

Make an easy scrub by mixing it with sea salt.

Long lasting Scent:

Apply Vaseline on your wrist before spraying perfume. It will make the fragrance last longer.

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  1. Intersting. I wasn’t expecting to run into this post. I was actually searching for stuff for my flat and before I knew it I ended here! Anyway, enjoyed the post. Take care

  2. Nice tips. I have extremely dry skin and was looking out for some home remedies and happen to read this post. Will try out these now. Thanks.

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