Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Strong

Your nails are made up of Keratin, the same protein as your hair. Everyone wants their nails to grow fast and strong because they add beauty to your hands. Here are some ways to make your nails grow faster, strong and shinier.

Make your nails grow faster and strong

Here is a list of essential health tips for Nails:

  • Your nails are made of protein, therefore it is important that you have a proper intake of protein rich foods such as eggs, meat and beans. You can also take protein shakes or vitamin D supplements.
  • Garlic is effective to make your nails grow fast. Apply garlic paste to your nails twice a week or simply cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on your nails. Its juices will be absorbed by your nail.
  • Washing dishes can make your nails weak. Detergents can be harsh for your nails and affect its growth. To protect your fingers from harmful chemicals, always wear gloves.
  • Trim your nails regularly to get rid of any weak parts and apply petroleum jelly before going to bed. Do not use nail polishes of ordinary brands, go for good brands and use nutrient filled polishes.
  • Dry and dull nails are prone to breakage. Moisturize your nails with olive oil, take few drops of olive oil in your palm and rub it on your nails.
  • Avoid biting and scratching your nails as it can make them weak.
  • Avoid painting your nails with polishes than contain formaldehyde, toluene and sulfonamide. These chemicals are unhealthy for your nails.

42 comments on “Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Strong

  1. I’m gonna try it if it works ill recommend it and to tell you I’m very popular I know over 500 peeps maybe more

    • u r really really sick….go for check up..georgia

  2. The person above me Georgia is a show off for one thing…lol… and for another thing the tips this lady gave us really works I love the tips. The one she (or he) gave us about using olive oil to mosterize your nails works!

  3. thank you for giving this advice i bite my nails 24/7 and they grow fast but now i want them to grow but they wont. 😮

  4. Veryy good ideas im going to try this really hope it woks 🙂

  5. I always bite my nails and my bestie is having a party and shes going to IVY’s nails and my nails look like a train wreck!! And i don’t want my nails to look strange so I’m trying to do what i can!! Hopefully thise works!! 🙂

  6. so yeah.. the vaseline works

  7. I may try this.. and soaking your nails in milk, makes them whiter and stronger too..

  8. i will have to try that but when i have done it before with out instructions it always messes up my hair how do i do it without messing put the rest of my hair when i do it?

  9. For those of you who bite your nails on here, have any of these tips helped you to quit biting them? It’s really hard for me to stop because I tend to do it without realizing…. Any suggestions?

    • There are sum bitter tasting nail polish i’v hered about i’m trying to stop biting my nails to 🙁
      good luck!

  10. i’ll see if it works hope for da”best 🙂 bt can u suggest me how nail grow faster plxxxxx,…..

  11. I have a golden tip for nailbiters. I used to be one myself. What i do : paint your nails and put effort it in, like a leopard print or whatever. Whenever i want to bite my nails i think : shouldnt do that ill ruin my beautifull nails. May sound strange, but it helped me stop.

  12. I tied the garlic nd olive oil 2day….. My fingers smell gross but I hear from alot of peoplw that this works!!

  13. Will baby oil work the same as olive oil?

  14. I have got very tiny nails bcoz i m a nail biter…….
    Will this work or not???

    • yes, you have to stop biting your nails for this to work.

  15. At sallys they have a polish that has odorless garlic in it to help with nail growth. Biotin also helps with nail and hair growth.

  16. This sounds very good will try this I know petroleum jelly is good because i used it my self around 1 year ago and my nails bed lovely and long people thought I was wearing fake nails! But then I bit them so yeah x

  17. These are good tips to help and they do all work to grow your nails. If you bite your nails you can buy a mustard flavoured nail polish so when you go to bite your nail it tastes gross it stops you from biting them it always works for me bow I haven’t bit my nails for 3 years.

    • Great tip, Thanks! 🙂

  18. Started using firmfemme Nail Cream from i found it on google and it’s great- my nails seem to be growing quicker and it’s a nice supplement to put on before cuticle oil.

    • awesome

  19. One of the best tip to grow nails faster is to apply olive oil on the nails. I have tried this trick and it has really worked for me. Rest options are also worth trying. Great Blog 🙂

  20. I like that olive oil and Vaseline one,it really worked

    • yeah u r right

  21. Do you have to use the petroleum jelly, can’t you just use normal vaseline gel. I don’t mind buying it but I rather not.

    • yes, you can use vaseline.

  22. so cool i will try it i have so so nails and want them long

  23. omg it worked i cant belive it

  24. for the nail biters.. use to really bite my nails bad to point of bleeding I tried everything! up until my mid twenties I bit my nails got to be really worried about how my nails looked so I asked my doctor about this and told her about all the things I did to help me stop biting, she said that I had something they called nervous energy and I bit my nails to be “doing something” that if I put something in my hand my hands had something to do, I tried this every time I caught myself biting my nails I would pick up anything close and eventually it worked as long as I had something to fiddle with I didn’t bite. my nails look great they may not be those Hollywood nails but they are nice and neat

  25. i lve it

  26. Am always like my nail and it’s grow very fast just a week…. But I don’t use any thing for growth my nail… It just my natural nail growth faster…..
    I love my nail xo much….

  27. Thank you for this. I will try this out. I appreciate your time.

  28. Hi, I need a help. I am a woman who has been suffering from brittle nails for almost many years now. I have tried all tricks in the trade and nothing seems to be working. I was advised to be on a calcium rich diet and also take vitamin D supplements to help overcome the problem. However the problem never really got any better and over the past years it has been only getting worse. Frankly speaking, is there any which can be done to get my nails back to my original shape?

  29. I use to bite my nails, but when I got false teeth at too young an age, but I cant bite my nails with them. Now the problem I have is I peel them off. I do better with this if I paint my nails, I am less likely to mess with them. I think that if I made them stronger that would help. I may pick up a specialty polish that works as a hardener

  30. Will any of these help with brittle and dry cuticle too?

    • Garlic r best

  31. Garlic work very better

  32. Fantastic and awesome tips . its really work

  33. Thanks for the tips for growing nails. I had no idea that garlic could help nails grow faster and stronger, so that is good to know. I will also start eating more protein in my diet!

  34. Get opi nail envy. And drink lots of water. I’ve tried everything else, including olive oil but did nothing. Opi nail envy makes short ugly nails turn into long gorgous ones in as little as two weeks. And the H2o just helped too… Mostly it helps me maintain clear skin but it too helps my nails. I used to be a serious nail biter too but thanks to my grandma she told me a story about this girl who bit her nails and about the germs, grandma scared me out of biting my nails. Also, I always keep them painted cause if they’re bare they just break really easily. Good luck on your falangies!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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