Tips For Tangle Free Hair

Do you struggle everyday with tangled hair? Tangled hair is a headache unless you’re Rapunzel. The reason tangled hair is difficult to ease is that your hair is dry and is in need of deep nourishment. Shampoos, heat, styling and environmental pollution are the contributing factors for difficult to smooth hair. While brushing out tangles, hair breaks and you get a brush full of hair which is distressing.
detangle hair tips
Here are some easy tips on how to keep your hair tangle free:

  • Our hair is more tangled after shampoo. Brush your hair before washing so that you don’t end up with a  knotted mess. Never pull the tangles while brushing . Brush below the tangle and you will notice that you hair will get free from the tangles.
  • Wash your hair every other day. Everyday shampoo will strip moisture out of your hair. Your  natural oils and sebum is important to keep your hair healthy and protect the hair follicle. We know it is important to keep your scalp clean but sebum and oils have a purpose too. Washing every other day will make sure that your hair and scalp is not totally dry which is a cause of damaged and tangled hair.
  • After shampoo, use a deep nourishing conditioner. Now is the best time to smooth tangles. Before rinsing the conditioner, use a wide tooth comb. Gently comb through your hair and remove all knots.
  • The key ingredient found in many conditioners is Silicone. It protects your hair from humidity and prevents frizz. It also gives your hair shine.
  • On damp hair, spray a detangling spray or serum. This will make brushing easier for you. Try a detangling brush. There are many detangling hair brushes available in the market which have great reviews.
  • As your hair grows, the ends get dry and split up. This makes your hair lose its shine and silky feel. Dry and split hair is more likely to get tangled. Regular trimmings will keep the split ends away. Get regular trimmings every 6-7 weeks. Also try to minimize dying your hair especially if you have longer hair.
What are your tips and tricks for tangle free hair?
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4 comments on “Tips For Tangle Free Hair

  1. You shouldn’t use commercial hair wash because it can give you cancer, it’s really bad for you, and as it states here it strips your hair of all the oils it needs, not just the extra, and silicone? You really want that in your hair? Try washing your hair with baking soda instead of shampoo and Apple cider vinegar as conditioner. Its what I do, an my hair is so much healthier, shinier, and I don’t have to wash my hair as often. Once a fortnight works.

    • I dont know why my hair becomes more dry after using ACV as a conditioner. 🙁

  2. There is a more natural way of taking good care of hair that I follow from childhood.
    Here it is

  3. Though my hair has always been rather straight with medium frizz, just applying the Somaluxe Conditioner makes my hair smooth and it doesnt tangle when i comb it. My hair isn’t weighed down the least bit. I’m am finally NOT experiencing tangling throughout the day, easier time styling due to the lack of frizz, and no winter dryness. Whoo!

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