12 Best Beauty Hacks That No One Told You About

We all want quick and easy fixes in times of skin, hair and makeup problems. It’s quite an obsession for people like us to always keep an eye on new and innovative beauty hacks to make life easier. That’s why we have gathered some of the best beauty hacks that no one ever told you.

1- While filling your bath, add 5-10 green tea bags while the water is running.This bath will detox your body, relax you, and give your skin an abundance of minerals.

detox bath recipe

2- To get thicker lashes, apply a coat of mascara. Dip a q-tip in baby powder and dab on your eye lashes. Apply a few coats of mascara for fuller and thicker lashes.

beauty hacks

3- Put Elmer’s glue around your nails before painting them. Now paint your nails and then peel off the glue. There you have your neatly done manicure.

elmers glue around nails

4- Add a cotton ball or cotton pad to your makeup to keep them from breaking while traveling.

beauty hacks

5- You can shrink a pimple in minutes by putting Listerine on it. The alcohol will dry it up and cause it to fade.

beauty hacks

6- To prevent your eye liner from smudging. Blow some hot air from the hair dryer on the tip of your eye liner pencil. This will turn your pencil into a gel liner.

beauty hacks

7- Forget shaving cream and use baby oil instead. You can also use hair conditioner for a really close shave.

beauty hacks

8- Broke your compact powder or your favorite blush? Don’t throw it away. Add a few drops of rubbing Alcohol and smooth the product.

beauty hacks

9- You can make your own dry shampoo using 2 tbsp corn starch, 2 tbsp rice flour, 2 tbsp arrowroot powder and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Put everything in a salt shaker and sprinkle on your hair roots.

Diy dry shampoo

10- Heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer then curl your lashes for long lasting curls.

beauty hacks

11- If you don’t already have it, you need to get some coconut oil. It’s a one product solution to major skin and hair problems. Whether its dry skin or dull hair, just apply some coconut oil

beauty hacks

12- Don’t have en eyebrow gel? Use hair spray on a spooly brush to keep your brows in shape.

best beauty hacks

Do you have any beauty hack that works well for you? let us know in the comments. Good Luck!

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30 comments on “12 Best Beauty Hacks That No One Told You About

  1. About the tip #6, you could also use the heat from your iron if you’re going to do your hair. Or even approach the eye liner to the bulb, if you’re in the bathroom with the lights on for at least 30 mins.
    Great hacks!

    • Good idea. Thank you for the tip šŸ™‚

  2. Use your dry shampoo the night before and it will soak up the oils but not look so dry and powdery in the morning.

  3. I know you mentioned coconut oil above but if you shave your legs with coconut oil while sitting in the bath. It gives it such a clean shave and moisturizes your skin leaving it so soft!!! šŸ™‚

  4. Pam Cooking Spray if sprayed on your wet nails will help them dry a lot faster

  5. For washing your hair wash it cold and use conditioner BEFORE shampoo. The cold water will make your hair stronger and conditioning before shampooing makes your hair softer!

  6. I found that avon skin so soft bath oil is good for removing all day lipstick also fractonated coconut oil

  7. Great tips! Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚

  8. You can also use clear mascara for a brow brush/gel replacement. Cheap too!
    Thanks for the hacks. I’m excited to try them out!

  9. You can also use baby oil as a makeup remover, it does a great job and it leaves your skin lovely and soft. It also reduces pimples/acne. It’s also very inexpensive!

    Just put a bit of water on a pice of cotton wool, then add baby oil and wipe away!

  10. After putting make up on and finished close your eyes and spay your face with hair spray.
    Will help with make up wiping away and longer wear.

    • Like it But it can make hard our face

    • Oh dear please use 1 tbls vegetable glycerin and 1/2 cup rose water in a spray bottle much safer

  11. During the summer when wearing dresses and skirts, your inner thighs tend to rub together and create that irritating, painful chafing. Sprinkle some baby powder in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and pat the powder onto your inner thighs. This significantly reduces chafing.

  12. Another life changing tip for the ladies who love their flats! I think we all can admit, after a while, your flats begin to “smell.” Put standard baking soda in a small, mesh type bag, and place a bag of baking soda in each shoe. The baking soda absorbs those embarrassing odors and leaves your shoes and feet feeling and smelling fresh and clean!

    • Thank you for the great tips!

  13. A dermatologist told my friend the best way to remove eye make up was with baby shampoo, I use it all the time. My eyelashes are in great shape.

    • FYI: read the ingredients… It has FORMALDEHYDE as a preservative!! I learned the hard way when an ENT MD ordered me to add a few drops in my nasal wash.. (To break bio films) I reacted by full body rash! I itched 24/7!! HORRIBLE!! I will never use it again. Then thought.. You dummy. You had it sooo close to your brain!! SCARY!! interesting, Europe MADE J&J remove it from their products… As its a Cancer causing chemical! Why can’t we be protected by our FDA!! So WARNING! Have the medical bills to prove it!! Took MONTHS to get rid of the scars!!

      • Hi, are you refering to baby shampoo?

  14. Baby shampoo definitely for eye makeup removal, particularly if you have eyelash extensions ! Im a lash technician and recommend my clients cleanse this way once or twice a week

  15. 10 drops of baby oil in your bath makes your skin as soft as it ever was! This keeps your skin looking young forever! My mom used this method for 50 years and always had amazing looking and feeling skin!

  16. Very much impressed with all your beauty hacks thanks a lot all

  17. rubbing alcohol to clean your makeup that is messy

  18. #7 gel baby oil works the best because it stays where u put it and doubles as a moisturizer

  19. Keep a wax melter on your sink preferably one that has a top so dust doesn’t get in – fill w/ coconut oil instead always have access for face hair or oil pulling in the mornings! Nice and warm

  20. Vitamin E Moisturizing Skin Oil is a cheap and great way for removing any eye makeup. Not only affordable but a bottle will last a long time as well.

  21. Vitamin E also makes women cry is what my grandma told me . Something to do with it effecting out hormones ?!

  22. To prevent inner thigh chafing put deodorant there. It acts as a lubricant and smells good. I use it all the time and have not had a problem with chafing since I disovered it.

  23. How to get rid of blackheads/spots on my face naturally and without spending too much money

  24. Put cream on nails when removing nail polish to prevent the colour staining your nails

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