Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Scars


The after effects of acne are not easy if it is not controlled in the early stages, the resulting scars can take a very long time to go away. Here are some easy remedies to help get rid of acne scars:

get rid of acne scars

  • Wash your face at least three times a day to remove dirt,oil and bacteria.Do not use harsh soaps and cleanser. Use mild cleansers that contain scar reducing ingredients such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid.
  • Never pick or pop zit/pimples on your face. It may be tempting but the fact is that popping pimples leave a crack which appears as scar.
  • Acne is related to your internal health and many factors such as hormonal imbalance. It is best to see a dermatologist who can recommend you oral medication.
  • Eat lots of  fruits and vegetables to remove body toxins and free radicals. Also, don’t forget to drink at least 12 to 15 glasses of water a day.

Want to try something natural for your skin?


Here are some natural homemade easy remedies to get rid of acne scars:

Lemon Juice:

Citric acid in lemon is helpful to get rid of acne scars. Lemon juice, taken internally or applied on skin ,benefits equally. Drink lemon juice in water ,before your breakfast. It will remove toxins from your body. Lemon juice can also be applied on the skin. Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and gently message the cotton ball on scars. The acidity will lighten the scars. Let it stay on for 20 minute then rinse your face with water. Do not go out in the sun with lemon juice on your face as it may irritate the skin.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is an excellent exfoliater, helps to unclog pores and kills bacteria that cause acne. Make a thick paste of baking soda with water. Apply it to your face and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse your skin well with warm water. Use this remedy daily.


Drinking honey in water, help reduce scars. Honey also makes your skin smooth and clean.

Egg White:

Egg whites have healing qualities which help to reduce scars and marks. Use a cotton ball to message egg white on your skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash with warm water. It also helps to reduce oiliness and makes your pores tight.

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