Did you know that you can naturally highlight your hair at home? You can do this using lemon juice. Lemon juice is not only good for hair and skin but also to lighten hair colour. The results from this technique depends on your natural colour. If you have really dark hair then it might not be very

Most of the beauty products don’t come with an expiration date but they all expire after a certain time period. Their chemicals break down, oils change and bacteria builds up. It may not show colour change or grow mold but it becomes a health hazard after some time. You don’t want to use your favourite mascara risking your eyes. Usually products

Hair bun is an elegant and chic hairstyle for any time of the day. It goes very well with every outfit. This hair style is perfect on a hot summer day or when you’re having a bad hair day. You can do this hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Healthy nails are sign of good over all health. Our nails are made up of protein called Keratin. Dry, weak and brittle nails are sign of any internal deficiencies. The colour of your nails also indicates you internal health. That’s why taking good care of your health is important along with your body care. Also, your hands  give an overview of

Want super gorgeous beach waves just like you spent a day at the beach? Well, now its really easy to get that hair done without even stepping out of your house. You just need a few products to get really fab looking beach waves.

With so many products to choose from, it’s easy to find a suitable skin care routine for your skin. Before you start selecting products for your skin, you should know your skin type. Choosing products according to your skin type prevents any irritation or side effects.

Summer is here and its time to get care free. That is why we bring you the coolest summer trends. If you’re bored with same flat straight hair then its time to add some vibe to it. Beach waves require only a few step but first you need a sea salt spray. Sea salt sprays are

Coconut oil is a myriad of benefits.  It is completely natural, affordable and easily available everywhere. Coconut oil contains fatty acids, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and minerals such as Iron. Sometimes , it turns white solid that’s because it has a high melting point. Keep the container in warm water to turn it into liquid. Try to find virgin coconut oil