How To Keep Your Skin Matte/Oil Free All Day

The best thing about having oily skin is that you won’t be getting pre mature wrinkles but controlling the oil and shine is definitely a problem. We all want our skin to be glowing but we don’t want to look too shiny. In summertime , when the temperature is rising and increasing humidity triggers our oil glands to produce more and more oil. The only thing most of us believe is that powder will keep oil away but caking on powder isn’t very attractive.

keep your skin oil free all day


Here are some easy tips on how to keep your skin oil free all day without going crazy with powder:

  • The first thing is to follow a good skin care routine. A good skin care routine for oily skin must include a mild cleanser, an alcohol free toner and an oil free moisturizer. Exfoliation should be done twice a week not everyday. The reason mild cleanser are recommended for oily skin is that it will gently cleanse your pores without drying them out. If your pores gets over dry then it will produce more oil to compensate the loss.
  • There are many oil controlling creams available which help to keep skin oil free all day.
  • Use a primer before applying makeup. A primer will help the foundation stay on for longer.
  • Carry blotting sheets in your purse. This is the easiest way to soak up the excess oil during the day. Simply pat the blotting paper on the oily areas of your face. Never rub the blotting paper on your skin.
  • Milk of magnesia is amazing to keep your skin oil free for longer. It is beneficial for short term use so save it for special days or occasions.

What are your tips and tricks to keep your skin oil free all day?