Rice Water For Beautiful Skin and Hair

Rice water has been used for centuries by women in Asia for beautiful skin and hair. It is an excellent skin toner and hair wash. Rice contains ‘ pitera’ along with many vitamins and minerals. Pitera is beneficial for revitalizing skin’s natural glow and keeping you skin clear. It’s used in many expensive skin care products which claim to make your skin crystal clear.


To make rice water you’ll need:

  • Half cup organic rice
  • Water
  • Glass jar with lid

Take half cup of organic rice and fill it with enough water to cover the rice. Use only organic rice because it is free from pesticide or fertilizer. Let the rice soak for a few minutes until the water turns cloudy. If you think rice is not clean, you can discard this water and fill it again. This is your rice toner and it can be used just like any other toner. Pour this water into a glass jar, store it in the refrigerator and it will last for 4-5 days.

Clean your face, soak a cotton pad in rice water and apply it on your face. This will help to tighten pores and bring glow. The same rice water is considered to be an excellent hair conditioner. After shampooing, rinse your hair with rice water and leave it on for a few minutes then wash it.

Also, drinking rice water is beneficial for health. It provides energy due to  high concentration of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates power the body and helps to keep us moving. It also contains eight essential amino acids. Different types of rice contains different vitamins and nutrients so you should try which one works best for you.

Good Luck!